**Note: Due to Covid-19, we are not currently holding in-person wedding tastings.**

As an alternative, you may purchase a dozen mini size Sibby’s Sampler in advance for pick up, or swing by the bakery same day and choose from our selection of extras available that day. We recommend calling before you stop by to see what cupcakes we have available. We are open Wednesday through Sunday.


Our delivery fee varies and is based on distance from the bakery. As an alternative, you are welcome to pick up the cupcakes from our bakery in downtown San Mateo (we have custom inserts that hold each cupcake in place). We also have a selection of tiered cake stands that are available for rent or purchase with an order. We can create a beautiful display for your cupcakes for $100 plus the cost of the stand rental.
Please see our wedding gallery at https://sibbyscupcakery.com for photos.


The prices on our website apply for weddings ($48/dozen for regular size, $33/dozen for mini size). Minis are about half the size of a regular size cupcake. We also sell Jumbo cupcakes individually ($12/each). They are about 4 1/2″ in diameter. Some couples like to use the Jumbo cupcake for the “cake” cutting ceremony.

There is no additional cost for customizing colors. An additional design fee may apply for particularly intricate decorations and monograms or custom fondant decorations.