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Customize your cupcakes! Please select how many dozen cupcakes will have custom decorations and write a description (including color scheme). Any reference images can be emailed to us at If you don’t want

Delivery v2

Our delivery fee is $25 to destinations from San Francisco to Sunnyvale. Contact us for an estimate outside of this range. We deliver Tuesday through Saturday.  Delivery orders may arrive up to 2 hours before selected time. For an interactive map of our delivery locations
October 04, 2017
by Sibby Thomsen
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Fake Cupcake

OMG, do not order this cupcake, it's not real.

Fake Custom Decorations

For purchase testing only, do not order

Fake Delivery

  Do not order - testing purposes only

Fake Delivery

Our online ordering is currently undergoing maintenance. We hope to have it up and running soon! In the meantime, please give us a call (415-613-4373) to place your order. Please note that we need a minimum of 24 hours advance notice for orders. If you need cupc

Fake Pick Up

  Product for testing only, do not order.

Fake simple product

fake product, do not order

Test Bookable Product

Test Cupcake 02

New cupcake template...